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Capital Campaign Header.jpg

$1,800per month

Needed to pay monthly expenses such as

  • Loan payments

  • Utilities

  • Maitinence


$10,000 Needed to install ADA Compliant Bathrooms

$3,000 Needed to expand the front door 

$7,500 Needed to renovate the lobby space

$10,000 needed to renovate 2 studio classrooms and fix up various other spaces

Help us expand reach our goal!


Become a proud supporter of the Goshen Theatre Project Education and Performing Arts Center today. 

WE FOUND A BUILDING! Now we need YOUR help to turn it into something special.

Any amount helps, and all donations are tax deductible. Donate below today!


Needed to support our long term goal of installing a blackbox theater on the first floor of our building. 

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